Limited Edition Italian Mandarin Honey

Exclusive at Whole Foods Market

Limited Edition Italian Mandarin Honey

Whole Foods MarketRigoni di Asiago has just unveiled its finest MielBio® Italian Mandarin Honey Limited Edition! Available exclusively at Whole Foods Market®, the new Mandarin Honey has a flavor that is delicate and sweet. It is made in Calabria, an area of Italy that is well-suited for the production of Clementines, a fruit also known as Mandarin oranges. These fruits are grown in plantations that are devoted exclusively to organic farming methods. 26 bee colonies from over 2,000 production hives create the honey from nectar produced in the Clementine blossoms. Mandarin Honey is produced each year between the beginning of April and mid-May in a micro-climate that’s idea for the production of this unique honey. Find a Whole Foods Market near you »

  1. Production Area: Calabria — Plain of Sybaris in the areas between the towns of Corigliano Calabro, Rossano Calabro and Sibari. The area is considered as the most suited in Italy for the production of "Clementine," better known as Mandarin fruit.
  2. Plantations: Devoted exclusively to organic farming they mainly produce the following varieties: Thorny Clementine, Regular Clementine and Mandello Clementine.
  3. The production of honey occurs in the period ranging from the beginning of April and mid-May. The micro climate is ideal for the production of this unique honey. Color varies from off white to translucent pale yellow, texture with the typical flavor of the fruit from which it comes, sweet and delicate. In the area there are 26 bee colonies for a total production hives’ of over 2,000.
  4. The harvest: The honey is collected and processed using honey’s extractor patented by Rigoni.
  5. The analytical controls: Samples of honey, identified by lot and production area, are sent to Rigoni di Asiago laboratories for organoleptic, chemical and physical analysis. Pollen analysis, to prove the botanical origin of honey, is confirmed also by C.R.A. (Italian department of Agricultural Research Council), the main and most qualified Italian Institute of Analysis.
  6. Processing: The first step is to analyze samples and take honey to Rigoni di Asiago plant. Production consists in pouring honey from drums to a specific filtration system. This is a unique and patented method, to work with honeys at room temperature (below 86 °F). The benefits of this operation is very important to maintain the presence of valuable micro-nutrients typical of honey. These micro-nutrients are antibacterial, antioxidant and antibiotic properties. All these substances are degraded very rapidly at temperatures above 98.5 °F. The second step is to make Mandarin honey Creamy to improve taste and make it more easier to enjoy. This process, already known to most of manufacturing of honey, has been improved by Rigoni with the use of dedicated facilities. Honey, after a slow process that lasts more than a week, it becomes perfectly spreadable, acquiring an unique and unmistakable flavor.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts for Mielbio Limited Edition Italian Mandarin Honey
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